How can I pay you?

Payment is made by cash upon completion of the job.

Do you take cheques?

We do not take personal cheques under any circumstances (This isn't 1979 after all). We may take company or public body cheques ONLY if agreed in advance. In practice, that means if you are an entity like a Housing Association or a local council, no problem.

Can you invoice us?

Only for organisations such as local councils and Housing Associations. However, the rates on the site are cash prices and invoice work will be priced at different rates to reflect the payment delay.

I am shopping around for a price. Can you give a firm price in advance?

We charge by the hour, so any prices given in advance are merely estimates based on the information you supplied. We are unable to commit to advance prices for work we havent seen.

Can I get a discount?

Only if you can get us a similar discount at the petrol station and the local supermarket. Therefore, generally, no. People tend to think we are cheap enough.

There is a bloke in the paper who charges less per hour than you. Can you price match?

We don't run rusty, dirty old vans that will pour oil all over your driveway. Nor do our operatives fill their pockets with your belongings or leave cigarette ash and empty lager tins everywhere. You get what you pay for. Think of the cheap bloke in the paper as Netto and us as Sainsburys.

Do you provide more men if required?

Yes, two or even three men for larger jobs can be provided. Please let us know when you make the booking how many men you want.

Can we travel with the driver?

Our vehicles can carry upto 2 passengers (including operatives). Such passengers must be accompanying the load been delivered. We cannot carry passengers only.

Can we rely on you to be at our address on time?

We try to to be punctual. However, if by any chance due to traffic jams etc., we are late, you will recieve a call with an ETA.

How do you deal with loading and unloading?

If one man (the driver) is booked he will assist you. If two men are required they will both participate.

Do you accept Paypal?

Yes, but only in advance and only if it is sent using the "gift" facilty that cannot be charged back (there are many Paypal fraudsters out there enjoying free refunds for everything).

Do you I need to pay a deposit?

Generally no. We only ask you to pay a deposit if the start address is outside Manchester. For example, we don't want to drive to Liverpool for someone that changed his mind and didn't bother to tell us.

How much notice is required?

As much as you can give us ideally. Most small jobs can be fitted in at short notice though - within reason.

Are your vehicles signwritten?

No. This is for your privacy.

Do you stop for brews & biscuits?

Only if you insist. But, generally no.

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Thank you very much for the efficient and courteous service. We will have no hesitation to recommend you or use you again.

Alan Graham. New Charter Housing Association