American fridge freezer move.

Looking for advice for moving a fridge freezer, or a side-by-side American-style unit?

These are becoming ever popular in our homes in recent years as family sizes grow. As they typically cost in the region of a thousand pounds, you need to ensure that the transport contractor you choose to move yours is fully cognisant of what needs to be done to move it in a professional manner.

If you allow an amateur “cheap removals” outfit from Gumtree to move your expensive American style fridge freezer, you may finds that saving a few pounds was a false economy as your unit may end up scratched and damaged and in extreme cases may never work again!

Removal of the floor grille at the front reveals that it’s resting on a metal chassis, but that there’s a couple of wheels as well. Loosen a couple of bolts to let the wheels drop, tighten bolts and the freezer, when lowered, will rest on the wheels rather than the frame, allowing it to roll out easily.

Firstly remove protective covers on the top of each door hinge on the top of fridge. Disconnect each of the block connectors and then unscrew the hinge bracket.

This will allow doors to be lifted off and the fridge will pass through most doorways. Thus eliminating any damage to the doors.

Moving American Fridge Freezer Manchester
When transporting your fridge, we try not to lay it down entirely flat but at an angle if possible.

Its all to do with the gas in the cooling system inside the fridge that could create an air lock if trapped in the pipes and stop the fridge from functioning correctly.

Whatever you do, please ensure that after we install your  fridge in its new location, you rest your fridge for at least six to eight hours in its place of use. Then plug it in and switch on.

This will give the gas time to settle and any air inside to rise where it should rise too.

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