How to keep the price down with your house removal

How to Keep the Price Down

You are moving house. You want to keep the price down don’t you?

Most people want to keep the price down. The most effective way to do this is to give some consideration to what you are moving in advance.

Will it come out of the existing house? Will it go into the new one? Are you sure?

If you want to keep the price down, you need to save time. Consider the points below.

  • Make sure anything that might move in transit is packed properly.
  • Empty furniture of belongings as it will probably be too heavy if you do not.
  • If anything needs to be dismantled, have the tools handy or perhaps dismantle it in advance (same if any doors need to be removed).
  • If you are moving a lot of stuff, perhaps over several journeys, get some more helpers. The more pairs of hands you can arrange means loading and unloading takes less time.
  • Make sure you have the keys to where we are going. We spend a lot of time waiting around for people whose friend was supposed to meet them with a key but now isn’t answering his phone. You get the idea…..
  • If you have a lot of stuff upstairs or in a cellar, consider moving it closer to the loading point in advance.
  • If vehicles need to be moved in order for us to gain access to anywhere, arrange this in advance. If we need to wait around because the neighbours car is blocking the driveway, and he is in the pub with the key in his pocket, this costs you time (and thus money).
  • Have accurate addresses to where we are going (including postcode). Saying, “I think it’s in Didsbury” when it is actually in Northenden or Withington does not help us at all. Be sure you give us the correct spellings of roads. We do not need directions, just accurate addresses.

None of this stuff is rocket science, but you would be surprised how few people actually do it.

Frequently Asked Questions

“How big are the vans?”

The vans are long wheelbase, high roof luton Mercedes Sprinters. The load space is 4 metres long by 2.1 Metres wide and 2.3 Meters high. In imperial, that is around 13′ long, 7′ wide and 7’6″ high. In simple terms: big enough for most things.

“Can I have a receipt?”

Of course, just let us know in advance that you will want one.

“Can you invoice us?”

Sorry. We do not give credit under any circumstances. We do not take cheques either.

I am shopping around for quotes. I need a fixed price?”

We do not quote in advance nor do we need to compete with others for work. Keep shopping around.

How much was it again?

One man and a luton van is £30 per hour. Two men and a luton van is £40 per hour. Minimum charge is one hour, subsequent time is charged in thirty minute (or part thereof) segments. Example: Two men and a luton van for an hour and a half will cost £60.

Will you do a discount?

Unfortunately not.

“Will you take a cheque?”

No. Payment is cash only.

“Are you insured?”

Not at these prices! Common sense has always negated the need for insurance.

“Are you available today?”

Although advance bookings are preferred, we do sometimes have short-notice availability. Please call 07860 787393 and ask.

We like to think we use common sense when planning your house removal or van and driver work with you. We are not interested in fleecing you for extra cash or getting as much out of you as possible. We want to make the experience painless and want you to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and tell your friends about us.

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