Do You Need a Removal Company or a Van and Man Service?

After lots of searching, you have finally found your ideal new house and your estate agent has found some proper people to buy your house, now all you have to do is find the best removal guys to help you move.

But when it comes to arranging some people to help you with your house removal, do you choose: a removal company or a man with a van?

Let’s start out with looking at the main differences between a Man and Van and a removal company.

Consider the size of the vehicles – Removal companies often operate large trucks to undertake their removals. These big lorries are great if you have a eight bedroom house or a mansion because you will probably be able to fit everything into one load.

But look, we do removals at mansions too:

Ashton Under Lyne Removals


If you live in a smaller house, and lets be honest, most of us in Ashton-Under-Lyne and Manchester do, then one or two 3.5t Luton vans will be absolutely fine for your move. A Luton or box van is also a great size vehicle for the small and narrow streets of Ashton-Under-Lyne. For most people living in a three or four bed home, a Luton or a box van is all you need.

Cost is another consideration– Probably one of the most important factors to anyone considering using a removal company. In general, a removal company will often be MUCH more expensive than a local man and van service.

“This must be because they are more professional” you may be thinking, Well, the answer is emphatically NO! The higher price in the quote you receive from the large removal company is because they have considerable overheads compared to most Man and Van services.

Both businesses need to pay for fuel, and both are likely paying for various insurances (vehicle insurance is a must).

But, a major cost associated with a large removal company is the running and operating costs associated with the large pantechnicon trucks. These trucks are very thirsty and drink fuel like a Geordie drinks beer on a stag night, the maintenance costs for these vehicles are very large and the salary for a transport manager has to be factored in as it’s a requirement when running these types of  trucks. All this has to be paid for, and guess who pays it? Yes, that’s right, YOU the customer.

“A Man and Van won’t be able to move all my stuff” you may think.  Think of all the times you have moved house and you roped in all your friends and family to help. It wouldn’t have been possible without so many people, right?…. Wrong actually!

Taking an average three to four bedroom house move as a typical example, a good two or three man team is more than adequate.

Manchester Removals

There is no need for someone sitting about, dangling his legs over the side of a removal truck, eating chips, having cups of tea and bacon sandwiches at 10am (look out for the next big removal van you see, half the guys will be doing nothing!)

Our small removal team find that anything more than two or three people on most jobs means they just end up getting in the way of each other. A typical job around Manchester means our two man teams can normally clear everything out of a house within two or three hours, and unload it at the other end within an hour or two.

How? because we don’t clown around, we are very, very experienced and, if you happen to be the first job of the day, then we probably have several more jobs to get done that day so we need to get on with it.

Packing services? It’s not just the large removal companies who offer a packing service for when you move house. We can’t speak for other man and van services but at M60 Removals we can provide all the boxes and packing materials you will need for your move, as well as packing all the valuable items for you. We also have agreements with local storage companies, the discounts for which, we are happy to pass along to you – as you will deal direct!

Quality of service: If a removal company say they were established in 1896, they must be better? Not necessarily. We get feedback from customers all the time telling us we were so much better than the large removal companies they used last time; not to mention half the price!

We take off our hat to a company that has been operating for three generations, but more often than not, the original owner and family have nothing to do with the company anymore, someone else bought the company and uses the company history as a selling point.

Also, a large removal company often relies on young, low paid and inexperienced staff to assist on jobs where customer service levels are not always the number one priority.

A good man and van service can, and will, offer exactly the same customer service as a huge removal company; often better.

At M60 Removals we  always know what time we should arrive and where we are going. Our day to day operations and procedures are often as good as any large removal company; if not better!

Bigger is better? Not true, some of the largest businesses and organisations in Manchester and Ashton-Under-Lyne use our services on a regular basis. New Charter in Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside Council, numerous Ashton-Under-Lyne schools, Bensons for Beds, Harveys….. the list goes on.

Our customer feedback shows many large business and organisations all use us for the same reason, because we are experienced, we are professional, we arrive when we say we are going to and we get the job done. Actually, a few of our regular commercial clients only use our Man and Van service now because they were tired of getting let down by larger removal companies.

The choice is yours – The reality is there isn’t any difference between a good man and van company and a good removals company when it comes to service. As long as the man and van has the right size vehicle and uses skilled and experienced, then they will be just as good as any removals company.

In fact, both are removals companies, one just uses slightly smaller vans and charges much less! thumbs

If you need help with a removal in Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside, Stockport or Manchester to anywhere in the UK (we do overseas moves too) and require further advice, assistance or a free quote then please feel free to peruse our main website where you will find all the information you will need.

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