Why a Removal Quote is not Always Simple

Most people e-mail us asking for a quote or a price to do a particular job. We do not give quotes or prices – we charge by the hour.

Why don’t we give quotes? Because we haven’t seen the job. We haven’t seen the building where it is going from or to. We don’t know how heavy it is, how long loading and unloading might take, what the access is like or what the traffic might be like between one place and another.

Consider these two scenarios – Scenario One: Paul calls us and asks us to move a sofa from Reddish to Disbury after work at 5-30pm (in rush hour). He neglects to mention that it is a bed sofa that is very large and heavy. It is on the top floor of a three floor house. It takes some considerable time to get it out and into the van. When we arrive in Disbury, it is going into a very small house. It doesn’t fit through the door. The door has to be taken off to get it in. Nobody had a screwdriver handy. It took two and a half hours in total and cost Paul £75

Scenario Two: Mike calls us and asks us to move a sofa from Ashton to Gorton in the middle of the afternoon (less traffic). Mike’s sofa is a regular sofa, it is downstairs, and comes out of the door easily. He knew it might be a tight squeeze at the other end. However, he knew the destination house had rear patio doors that would make life easier. He had the key in his pocket and had moved all obstructions around the house and through the doors in advance. Mikes job took fifty minutes and cost him £30

We don’t know if your job is like Mike’s or like Paul’s. That is why we do not give firm quotes.

We don’t want to see you doing what this bloke is doing.

Cargo mover

Let us take the pain out of moving your stuff.

Take a look at our pricing structure >>here<<. We think you will find that way more transparent than a “quote”.

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