Need a Piano Moved in Manchester, Stockport or Tameside?

It might sound a funny question.

There are not too many homes that we come across nowadays that have pianos in.

While we do get some calls to move pianos, we can count on one hand the number we move a year.

When I was a kid, many houses had pianos. Even my Gran’s house in the 90’s still had one (although she was a pianist).

If we can trust what the Telegraph tells us, they claim that the British have stopped buying pianos. They claim this is the case because Harrods piano department has closed down.

When Harrods brutishly said yesterday that their piano department “no longer warranted the space” and was accordingly being closed down, it reflected the changing culture of a shop that was once a byword for English gentility. But more worryingly, it confirmed something that’s been obvious in this country for years: we’ve stopped buying pianos.

Now although what goes on in Harrods isnt likely too much of a barometer for what goes on in Ashton-under-Lyne; or Didsbury.

But up to now, I think we can all agree that a piano isn’t a common sight. You’ll see where I am heading with this now……

Yesterday, we had a job in Trafford Park, and parked up in a yard was a couple of tatty old vans liveried up with “Man and Van” on all sides.

Piano Removals Manchester

Please note: These are NOT our vans – we don’t run tatty old stuff like this. 

I am not sure they are even in use, but it doesn’t detract from the point. Looking at the back of one of them revealed some unusual marketing.

Move Piano Manchester

Other peoples marketing always interests me, even when it makes no sense.

For me, it seems silly to advertise on the back of your van that you move something that very few people have – and then don’t even put a phone number on there. Perhaps that bit of razor sharp marketing is the reason these vans don’t seem to be on the road.

If you want a piano moving, it need not be any kind of specialist that does it. It is not much different to moving any other large and heavy item of furniture.

As long as it is handled carefully, sheeted up with blankets to avoid damage and strapped to the side properly in the van, all will be fine.

Also, if you are moving a piano from one building to another, you should allow several days minimum before having it re-tuned in order for your piano to acclimatise itself to its new location and climate.

If you want a piano moving in or around Greater Manchester, you are welcome to get in touch with us

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