How Removals Look Far Away From Manchester

As those who follow our Twitter account will know, we get far away from Manchester, Stockport and Tameside now and again.

Some will know of our regular runs to France, Belgium, Spain and occasionally Ibiza, but we managed to get even further than that a couple of months ago.

Heading out of the UK via the Channel Tunnel is something we do often, as is heading north into Belgium.

But then we continued across the tip of Holland, into Germany and onward into Poland. And then when you get to the other side of there, you see multiple countries on the road signs.

Removals France

Here we can see country codes on the signs for not only Poland, but Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia as well.

Well, we were heading north up the Baltic coast road, and before too long, you start to see these here and there.


And a little further still, we find ourselves here.


That insignificant looking place is Narva, the border town between Estonia and the Russian Federation. The photo above is the border control into Russia.

Russia isn’t like sunny Manchester folks. In fact, we had a budget from our client to feed some of these guys at the roadside.


But the less said about that the better I expect.

Removal vans out there are not quite what you expect, and nothing at all like we find in Ashton-Under-Lyne!


Here is another delivery van dropping off some stuff to a local shop.


You have heard the phrase, “Where the streets have no name”? Well, they have names, but they are all in an alphabet that a Manchester van and man chap isn’t likely to encounter too often.


That journey was almost 2000 miles each way from Manchester and took close to ten days in total.

Trust me, you don’t want to know what it cost. But it was considerably more than we would charge you for a house removal in and around Manchester.

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