A Jaunt to France!

Next week we have been hired to go to Normandy in France.

Its always nice to have a change of scenery away from the standing traffic of Manchester and have some standing traffic on the wrong side of the road instead. 😉

Checking out Google Maps, it seems to be a modest 450 or so miles in each direction.

For sure, that is a 900 mile round trip, but it is sure less miles than we used to do when we used to have the “Van to Ibiza” (van2ibiza.com if anyone remembers that) service a few years ago. That was a truly gruelling drive.

This time, we are heading down to the Channel Tunnel overnight to avoid traffic with the plan to be in Normandy around lunchtime.

Here is the route:


The plan, after loading up will be to sample some fine French food along the way, stay in a hotel overnight, and head back the next day.

Of course, we also plan to pop into what Calais is famous for – Wine warehouses – on the way back, and stock up on some French Chablis and Syrah too! thumbs up

We will of course be taking a few photographs along the way (well, not of the wine consumption!) so will put a later post on with a bunch of photos for anyone that is interested.

A plus tard! as they say in Normandy………..

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