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Welcome to M60 Transport

As the name suggests, we are a small Manchester-based van transport and removal company. Are you within or close to the M60 motorway? Do you need a man and van? Do you need a van and driver? Look no further - you found us!

We are professional transport contractors serving the local community for almost twenty years. Old-fashioned courtesy together with fair and reasonable prices have always been the hallmark of our business.

Moving goods from one place to another is a simple enough task. That does not mean you should use just anyone though. You still want an experienced driver who will arrive on time, complete the job quickly, without drama or breakages, and charge you a fair price.

You should not necessarily seek the cheapest option you can find though. Not unless you want a dirty, rusty old van that drips oil on your driveway, a driver who leaves footprints up your hallway and drops cigarette ash on your carpet.

Always remember, when hiring a van and man, you are inviting someone to your home. You should be as sure as you can be about anyone you invite to your home in this day and age.

If You Want a van and man who will arrive late or not at all, haggle over the price, have a dirty old van liable to break down often, who will disrespect your goods or property, who will take cheques or give you credit..... Don't call David!

There is nothing worse than hiring someone to do a job, thinking that their pricing is simple and transparent, only to find that they try to sting you at the end.

Other people may lure you to call them with a cheap advertised hourly rate, only to try to overcharge you later. Some want fuel surcharges and some want VAT or other extras on top. We don't do any of that. What you see is what you pay!

Our base rate is just 30 per hour for one of our vans. This buys you one man and a Mercedes Sprinter luton van like the one pictured above.

Two man job? We can supply an extra man. He will cost an extra 10 per hour. If you prefer, find your own second man and send him with the driver, or just come along yourself.

What about parts of an hour, and minimum charges? Our minimum charge is one hour. After one hour we charge in 30 minute increments. If your job takes an hour and twenty five minutes, the cost is an hour and a half.

We don't dawdle, chat, drink tea, stand around smoking or stop off at cafe's on the way and waste your chargeable time.

No VAT, no fuel surcharges and no hidden extras. What you see is what you pay!

If you want a competent local guy with a van, who will do a good job for a competitive price and speak to you in plain (native) British English - call David.

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Telephone: 07860 787393

You can also contact David by e-mail with any questions you may have:

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I used David when we moved house recently. From the moment we collected the keys, he and his small team helped make moving day a relatively stress-free experience. Highly recommended!

Peter Lawrenson. Newmarket Rd, Ashton-Under-Lyne.