Van and Man Pricing Structure

There is nothing worse than hiring someone to do a job, thinking that their pricing is simple and transparent, only to find that they try to sting you at the end.

Other people may lure you to call them with a cheap advertised hourly rate, only to try to overcharge you later. Some want fuel surcharges and some want VAT or other extras on top. We don't do any of that. What you see below is what you pay!

Our base rate is just 30 per hour for one of our vans. This buys you one man and a Mercedes Sprinter luton van like the one pictured above.

Two Man Job?

We can supply an extra man. He will cost an extra 10 per hour. If you prefer, find your own second man and send him with the driver, or just come along yourself.

What about parts of an hour, and minimum charges? Our minimum charge is one hour. After one hour we charge in 30 minute increments. If your job takes an hour and twenty five minutes, the cost is an hour and a half.

We don't dawdle, chat, drink tea, stand around smoking or stop off at cafe's on the way and waste your chargeable time.

No VAT, no fuel surcharges and no hidden extras. What you see is what you pay!


Quotations and Estimates

Most people call or e-mail us asking for a quote or a price to do a particular job. We do not give quotes or prices - we charge by the hour.


Why don't we give quotes? Because we haven't seen the job. We haven't seen the building where it is going from or to. We don't know how heavy it is, how long loading and unloading might take, what the access is like or what the traffic might be like between one place and another.


Consider these two scenarios - Scenario One: John calls us and asks us to move a sofa from Reddish to Disbury after work at 5-30pm (in rush hour). He neglects to mention that it is a bed sofa that is very large and heavy. It is on the top floor of a three floor house. It takes some considerable time to get it out and into the van. When we arrive in Disbury, it is going into a very small house. It doesn't fit through the door. The door has to be taken off to get it in. Nobody had a screwdriver handy. It took two and a half hours in total and cost John 75.


Scenario Two: Steve calls us and asks us to move a sofa from Ashton to Gorton in the middle of the afternoon (less traffic). Steve's sofa is a regular sofa, it is downstairs, and comes out of the door easily. He knew it might be a tight squeeze at the other end. However, he knew the destination house had rear patio doors that would make life easier. He had the key in his pocket and had moved all obstructions around the house and through the doors in advance. Steves job took fifty minutes and cost him 30.


We don't know if your job is like Steve's or like John's. That is why we do not give firm quotes.


How to Keep the Price Down

Most people want to keep the price down. The most effective way to do this is to give some consideration to what you are moving in advance. Will it come out of the existing house? Will it go into the new one? Are you sure? If you want to keep the price down, you need to save time. Consider the points below.


Make sure anything that might move in transit is packed properly. Empty furniture of belongings as it will probably be too heavy if you do not.


If anything needs to be dismantled, have the tools handy or perhaps dismantle it in advance (same if any doors need to be removed).


If you are moving a lot of stuff, perhaps over several journeys, get some more helpers. The more pairs of hands you can arrange means loading and unloading takes less time.


Make sure you have the keys to where we are going. We spend a lot of time waiting around for people whose friend was supposed to meet them with a key but now isn't answering his phone. You get the idea.....


If you have a lot of stuff upstairs or in a cellar, consider moving it closer to the loading point in advance.


If vehicles need to be moved in order for us to gain access to anywhere, arrange this in advance. If we need to wait around because the neighbours car is blocking the driveway, and he is in the pub with the key in his pocket, this costs you time (and thus money).


Have accurate addresses to where we are going (including postcode). Saying, "I think it's in Didsbury" when it is actually in Northenden or Withington does not help us at all. Be sure you give us the correct spellings of roads. We do not need directions, just accurate addresses.


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